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The teaching team at MedEssentials are innovators in evidence based education for Medicine & Dentistry admissions. No other institute guarantees tuition with medical professionals who have successfully completed medical training, have face-to-face worked with hundreds of students for UCAT & Interview Training, and have presented to thousands of prospective medical students at the leading Australian Universities. This combination of relevant experience has led to our flagship MedEssentials MasterClass program, which is the most sought after training for senior students and delivers exceptional all-round outcomes each year.

Our reputation as doctors means we have a responsibility to deliver ethical and the best possible program for aspiring minds. The UCAT exam is a high stakes test that is constantly changing with new content and rotation of themes added each year. It is no longer viable for decade old online question banks to adequately prepare students for such a dynamic challenge. For this reason, we publish annually updated content for students accepted onto the training program.

Visit or contact us for the opportunity to join the most success-proven and popular way to gain the highly sought after medical school offer; it is our specialty.

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Medical Staff

The MedEssentials Team is selected from MBBS & MD Doctors, not business people who claim they are "PhD-Doctors". The teaching staff have been through the selection process themselves and understand the knowledge and approach required to actually gain medical school admission.

Free Consultations

Our friendly staff are always happy to arrange consultations with students and parents to report on progress and offer additional assistance for high performance candidates. We have an extended team who can cater questions from knowledge issues to common problems encountered by students during application.


Holistic preparation

The MedEssentials Service is designed to take senior year high school students in all apsects from their very first interaction all the way to Day 1 medical school. This includes interview training, careers advice and written applications. Our recent MBBS & MD graduates will even email you their medical school notes if you want them!

88.3% UMAT (Now UCAT) Average Percentile Score.

75% Interview Admission Rate.

How is it done?


The most successful and MedEssential's flagship teaching model. 

The UCAT Masterclass is designed to provide the most comprehensive and in-depth preparation and has the highest outcomes reported of any program. Students are offered streamlined teaching with weekly tutorials with a rotation of our most experienced medical student teachers. On-going support in the form of homework and take-home past questions/notes are provided for the duration of the student's enrolment.


  • Major Teaching Centres located near Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne CBD

  • Weekly 2 hour small group tutorials with ongoing access to the tutors

  • Hardcopy notes and questions to keep after every session

  • Most competitive pricing and highest success rate for any UCAT training program

  • Formative assessment with results every 4-6 weeks

Part of the Program

  • Full scale examinations and past UCAT question breakdown offered in July

  • Individualised strategic subject and university preference selection

  • Preparation for written applications

  • Intensive interview training offers in November

Due to high booking request and the MedEssentials teaching quality guarantee, all prospective students must sit an admissions interview with one of the senior teachers for eligibility. Interviews are offered free of charge.

Past Students: Where They are Now?

MedEssentials has an Australia-wide scope. We specialise in Eastern State medical and dental schools; namely: University of Adelaide, Flinders University, University of Queensland, James Cook University, Monash University, University of New South Wales, and Curtin University.

Our teaching specialists represent major universities and hospitals, and for this reason we therefore are able to offer substantial advice for aspiring students both leading to degree admission and beyond.

Ask current medical students what they think of MedEssentials and share the learning experience with our staff and past scholars.


A Journey to Medicine is an Pursuit to the Top.
You Wouldn't Scale Everest Alone and Without a Plan.


You don't need to be a doctor to know that medicine and dentistry are amongst the elite choices of profession out of high school. There is no comparison of careers that offer job satisfaction, amazing learning privilege, opportunity to work with academically like-minded people, and diverse future prospects.

Anything worth having is competitive; so it is crucial for students to be aware of the realistic setting they must orientate themselves to and learn to standout in a rigorous environment. With MedEssentials you will work with the best available teachers who have overcome the same challenges, and be surrounded by peers with top-tier academic credentials and passion for learning. 

We look forward to having you as a partner in medicine.

MedEssentials head profiles

LINK: Dr Brad Guo MBBS. Director of Medicine & Dentistry Admissions.

Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Adelaide)
University of Adelaide Merit Scholarship
7+ years experience in UMAT & Interview Coaching
ATAR 99.95 | UMAT 99 | St Peter's College

LINK: Dr Ian Tan MBBS. Head Teacher & Specialist Publication Editor.

Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Adelaide)
8+ years experience in UMAT & Interview Coaching
Visiting Scholar at Cambridge University & Johns Hopkins University
ATAR 99.95 | UMAT 99 | Prince Alfred College

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Tailored for Individual Needs


Medicine & Dentistry Admission

  1. MasterClass (Available February - July and October - December)

  2. Strategic Planning Consultations

  3. University Written Application Workshops (Available September)

  4. Interview Coaching (Available November)

  5. Coursebooks

Start your progress with a free MasterClass interview consultation.

Private Tuition

  1. SACE/IB Specialists

  2. Qualified tutors from medical and university-level backgrounds

  3. Flexible hours and location

  4. UCAT available as supplement to MasterClass students only


Head Office: (08) 6333 0750
Secretary Email: