The Highest Success rate MEDICINE Entrance Training program in 2016: Applications Open

2016 Average Outcome = 83%*

The most successful and MedEssential's flagship teaching model. The UMAT Masterclass is designed to provide the most comprehensive and in-depth preparation for the UMAT exam. Students are offered streamlined teaching with weekly tutorials with a rotation of our most experienced medical student teachers. On-going support in the form of homework and take-home past questions/notes are provided for the duration of the student's enrolment.

35% of Australian UMAT candidates have attended a MedEssentials program or use the MedEssentials UMAT Coursebook

Due to competitive positions and the MedEssentials standard of quality, all students must attend an interview to be considered for the MedEssentials MasterClass.

  Download Program Brochure

Download Program Brochure

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  • Weekly 2 hour small group tutorials with ongoing access to the tutors
  • Hardcopy material distributed at the start of every session
  • Held in a private booking space at a convenient location near the CBD
  • Most competitive pricing and highest success rate for any UMAT training program
  • Formative assessment with results every 4-6 weeks

Part of the Program

  • Full scale examinations and past UMAT question breakdown offered in July
  • Preparation for written applications
  • Intensive interview training offers in November

$70 per session. Only pay for sessions you attend.

*83% represents a first round interview at the University of Adelaide Medical School, Flinders University, University of Queensland
*Students completed at least 6 months training


General Information: Please read carefully.
Thank you for considering MedEssentials for your Medicine Entrance preparation. We are proud to offer Australia's most reliable and highest success rate program.

Please complete an application form for your interview as accurately as possible. You can expect a representative of MedEssentials to contact you in 1-3 working days to offer a time and venue. The interviewer will be one of our senior UMAT coaches and selectors. The duration of the interview is approximately 30 minutes.

Candidates are strongly recommended to do some reading about the MedEssentials program, and learn basic information regarding the Medicine application process prior to their interview. This will demonstrate initiative, and also help the interview become a productive learning experience for the student as well.

We kindly ask that candidates appreciate that their interviewers are busy with clinical medicine duties. It is important to briefly prepare briefly their scheduled session. Further information related to the interview can be read below. Good interview skills will be paramount to actual medicine applications in the future.

Unsuccessful applicants will be informed by email, and may be invited to re-attempt the interview.



  1. Will my parents need to attend?
  2. Where will the interview be held?
    This is schedule dependent. Our interviewers and coaches will have their own medical training during the weekdays. We will allocate sessions be located close to the CBD or via phone.
  3. What if there are no times I can make soon?
    Please let us know, and we can organise an interview outside scheduled dates. Otherwise, a phone interview on speaker-mode is possible.
  4. Will I need to prepare for the interview?
    Please see some example questions below. The answer is 'no', but it is beneficial to demonstrate your enthusiasm by doing some background research beforehand.

Commonly Asked Interview Questions:

  1. What is your understanding about the entry process?
  2. Why do you want to do the UMAT?
  3. How do you manage your academic commitments?
  4. What will you do if you have difficulty finding time to attend classes?
  5. How do you study for a new subject?
  6. Why would the MedEssentials MasterClass program be important for you?

The interviewer will discuss:

  1. Medical school entry requirements from a specialist educator's perspective
  2. The UMAT as an exam
  3. The MedEssentials MasterClass format
  4. Any questions you bring

Why do we interview students?

  1. The medical school interview is an important part of entry, ranging from 33% to 40% consideration for all medical schools. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of a high stakes interview in a relaxed environment.
  2. It is a time for students and parents to ask questions about medical entry to an experienced educator. The most accurate information will come from insiders.
  3. Many of our students take their preparation and the MasterClasses seriously. We want to ensure that the quality of classes is maintained at a high standard for the entire duration of study.
  4. Our teachers are all very high achievers. Please remember they are there to help you. All interview candidates have said they enjoyed their 30 minute meeting.


Inquire here if assistance is required.